Bottle Cap Gold

March 18, 2016

My little leprechauns were in need of some gold yesterday, so we came up with these simple and homemade coins that were just right for hiding at the end of the rainbow!

Plastic bottle caps, any size
Air dry clay, we used Model Magic
Pencil with eraser or 
Small piece of cardboard and scissors
Paint, acrylic works best
Paint brush

1) Wash and dry bottle caps.
2) Press clay inside bottle cap. Smooth top.
3) If you like, press a design into the clay with pencil eraser.  Or cut a small shape out of cardboard and press into clay.
4) Let coins dry fully.
5) Add coat of paint.  More than one coat may be necessary.
6) Dry completely before playing with.

Milk Carton Leprechaun House

March 14, 2016

Milk cartons
White paint
Paint brush
Construction paper

1) Wash and dry milk cartons.
2) Glue shut the top of milk cartons.
3) Paint the milk cartons white. You might need to more than one coat.
4) Let dry.
5) Cut out doors, windows (whatever you think your leprechaun would like!) from construction paper. Decorate!

Quick Egg Carton Geodes

March 13, 2016

All the wow factor with none of the wait!

Epsom salt
Sandwich bags
Liquid food coloring
Egg carton
Paint brush
*Optional* glossy Modge Podge or similar top coat

1)  Pour Epsom salt into sandwich bags.  You will want a bag for each color crystal you want to make.  We added about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of salt to each bag.
2) Add a few drops of liquid food coloring into each bag.  Seal and shake till salt is evenly colored.  Add more food coloring if more saturated color is desired.
3) Cut apart egg carton. Separating it into individual cups. You will have 12 cups from the top of carton and 12 from the bottom.
3) Pair up a cup that came from the top and one the came from the bottom of the carton. You will have 12 whole rocks.
3) If necessary, trim edges of each half so the pieces fit together flush.
3) Generously coat the inside of each cup with glue.
4) Add a scoop of Epsom salt to both sides.
5) Tape together the top and bottom of the rock and shake.
6) Open, dump out excess and be amazed!
7) *Optional* after geodes dry, add coat of Modge Podge or similar topcoat to the Epsom salt to increase their shine.