All You Need is Love

February 7, 2013

The last couple weeks I was planning art experience around wool. I thought it would be a fantastically tactile addition to lots of activities we love to do.  However my kiddos were not inspired.  There was lots of drawing, squishing and painting going on, but typically only after they had put the wool to the side! So I am going to keep those project ideas for the future and move forward with a new theme for early February: LOVE!

Bubble Snow

Stand Mixer Bubbles (more on making them here)

A few batches of stand mixer bubbles make a lovely winter wonderland.  Just a little dish soap and water and you have a soft, slippery, snowy play medium. 

This activity is pretty straightforward.  First find a spot that you don't mind getting wet.  A counter, bath tub or water table are all good options.  I also drape the floor to catch drips.  Make a few batches of bubbles (you can read more about how we make them in this previous post).   Empty a bowl or two of bubbles on your play surface.  Set out a few animals and let your little one play!  Easy!

Hauling Snow Dough

Snow Dough (recipe found at Learning Tree)

We finally jumped on the snow dough band wagon and I am so glad we did.  We used the recipe from Learning Tree, substituting vegetable oil for baby oil.  The dough is a little gritty, clumps easily and satisfyingly crumbles in little fists.  I had originally put out animals to play with along with the dough, but my guy grabbed a couple trucks and started hauling snow dough around the table.  It was a mess but he had a great time!

Painting with Salt and Tempera

Watercolor Paper
Paint Brush
Coarse Salt 

Simply set out a plate of coarse dried salt when your little one is painting.  The addition of rough texture makes for an interesting tactile painting session!