Kid Made Bird Piñata

April 30, 2013

Had to share the piñata that my three year old insisted we make for mom's birthday.  "It isn't a party if there isn't a piñata," he told me the night before!  One box, a crayon drawing and a few handfuls of crushed tissue paper later we were party ready.

Pipe Cleaner Garland

Pipe cleaners can be tricky for little hands.  They are a bit sharp and hard to manipulate into exact shapes.  But this abstract spring garland was a perfect pipe cleaner activity for my one and three year

Pipe Cleaners
String, ribbon or thin rope

Hang a long ribbon or string in a spot that your little one can reach.  Set out a stack of pipe cleaners.  I was thinking spring, so I picked out a mix of happy yellows, oranges, greens and pinks.  Show your little one how the pipe cleaners bend and move.  Then let them get to work!  Encourage your little one to hang their creations on the string.  The mix of unique little sculptures makes a super fun celebratory display!


April 11, 2013

Spring has arrived and our art making materials have been inspired by the buds, grass and breeze of the season!