Autumn Snow

October 31, 2011

The snow started falling during our Halloween party and is expected to keep coming through 2am.  Unheard of!

Styrofoam Ghosts

October 27, 2011

My sister made styrofoam ghosts just like these with her daughter when she was two.  Six years later they are still one of their Halloween decorations staples.  I saw them when we were skyping last week was inspired to make our own ghost family.  This project is really simple.  

Styrofoam cups
Ball point pen

1) Draw faces with a a ball point pen on inverted styrofoam cups.
2) Poke a hole in the top of each of cup.
3) Thread a piece of twine through each hole and affix with tape.
4) Hang and enjoy!

Ghosts in the House

Ghosts in the House is a quirky story about a lively little witch who moves to a haunted house.  She quickly goes about catching the ghosts and putting them to good use as curtains, bedding and other linens.  This happy tales simple black, orange and white lino-cut illustrations totally won me over.

Floor Quilt

October 20, 2011

This quilt was a long time in the coming.  I tore a pattern for an embroidered crib bumper out of Marie Claire Idees magazine years before we had babies.   When I was expecting our oldest, Colleen started embroidering.   When Noodle arrived the bumper was half done (a bumper is really really long!) and it was stuck in a cabinet.   I had been trying to figure out what to do with it since. 

Turns out that bumper really wanted to be part of a quilt!  The Little Miss' floor quilt was made of all items I had on hand.  The twelve large squares are cut from old curtains and extra bumper fabric.  A fleece blanket is sandwiched between the topper and a backing.  And the bumper embroidery makes an extra special edging.

Jar O' Lanterns

October 19, 2011

I saw these Jar O’ Lanterns in this month’s Family Fun Magazine.  They are a fantastic project to do with little little ones.  We opted not to put a tea light inside.   

The House Mom and Noodle Built

October 15, 2011

We have to make room for more projects on the shelf, but I couldn’t toss this one without getting a few pictures.  We made this a couple weeks ago at our mom and tot art class.  The session was titled “Our House is a Very Fine House”.  It is a masterpiece of popsicle sticks, tape, model magic, pompoms and glue.

Apple Farmer Annie

Apple Farmer Annie is one of our new favorite fall books.  It is a simple story about how Annie grows and harvests apples in her orchard.  She makes lots of treats to sell along with the apples at the farmer’s market.  The illustrations are vibrant.  The text is straightforward. And it is a bonus that she drives her truck right into NYC to sell her bounty to us city dwellers.

Preschool Playground NYSCI

October 5, 2011

If I were a lady of means I would have a replica of the Preschool Playground at the New York Hall of Science installed at my country estate.  I love every ounce of it: the low rolling hills, tall grasses, woven and wooden objects to climb on, colorful plexi panels to peer through.  It is fantastic.

The Preschool Playground adjoins the ultra-cool big kid playground at NYSCI.  It is a recent addition, built to meet the increasing numbers of younger visitors coming to the center.

Stand Mixer Bubbles

I had been meaning to bring the water table inside for a while now, but an afternoon storm last week forced the issue.  We were going to need a post nap activity and playing in bubbles from the stand mixer was a perfect rainy day distraction. 

 My bubble making method is pretty loose.  I put a couple tablespoons of dish soap in the mixer and turn it on high.  I add just enough water to get the bubbles going, let the mixer run for about 30 seconds, then add more water.  I repeat the last step till the bowl is filled with bubbles. 

 It took about three bowls full of bubbles to fill the water table.