Mad Scientist's Lab

October 27, 2014

Next to treat sampling, Mad Scientist's Lab is the most requested Halloween activity in our house this year.  Its a free for all of mixing, pouring, cackling and scheming guaranteed to keep the little ones busy.  
Jars, cups, bottles of various shapes and sizes 
Liquid  (we used water, seltzer and vinegar)
Food Coloring
Mix-ins (we used baking soda, peppercorns, rosemary, plastic bugs and gems)
Spoons and/or droppers

1) Protect your play space.  I covered my kitchen counter and floor with layers of newspaper and kept paper towel handy.
2) Fill some of the vessels with liquid.  Add food coloring.  Leave some empty so your scientists can pour potions into them. 
3) Set out bowls of mix-ins.  My kids prefer for me to introduce mix-ins a few a time, so I set out new bowls as they play.
4) Let the madness begin!